How to Detox From Meth

Crystal methamphetamine, better known as meth, is a dangerous drug. It is very addictive and hard to quit. If you want to know how to detox from meth, it’s best to learn from medical, addiction professionals. If you attend a quality amphetamine drug rehab, expect to complete all of the following on your quest to sobriety.

Get Familiar With the Meth Detox Timeline

Sad looking man gazing out window needs to know how to detox from methNo two people will experience the exact same meth detox timeline. The intensity of your addiction, how long you’ve been using meth and how much meth you use daily will all play a role. However, many people follow roughly the same pattern. Understanding what to expect can help some clients as they prepare for detox.

First, symptoms will appear about one day after you stop using meth. These are mild, but they get more intense until about a week into the detox. Often, symptoms decrease in intensity after 10 days. In some cases, it can take a full month until clients are free from all withdrawal symptoms.

Prepare for the Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

As you learn how to detox from meth, it’s normal to fixate on the physical symptoms of withdrawal. A lot of people focus on these symptoms, and some even postpone recovery because of them. The physical symptoms of a meth withdrawal may include fatigue, insomnia, itchy eyes and an increased appetite.

Overcome the Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms of a Meth Detox

While the physical withdrawal symptoms of a meth detox can’t be ignored, the psychological effects are often stronger. Many clients will become agitated and restless, and some people can experience paranoia. Violence and aggression are possible, and so is depression. While rare, it is possible for some people to have suicidal thoughts.

All of these withdrawal symptoms are hard on the client, but they are also hard on a loved one and family members. That’s one reason why it is best to recover from a meth addiction in a secure environment where clients can’t hurt themselves or others.

Learn How to Detox From Meth With Professional Support

There are two primary reasons why no one should try to detox from meth on their own. First, detox can be risky. Some withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and it always helps to have access to medical attention around the clock.

Second, the chance of successful detox increases if you’re in a detox program. If you’re serious about ending a meth addiction once and for all, it’s worth doing it at the right methamphetamine rehab center.

Plan for a Lifetime of Sobriety

Completing a Houston Texas methamphetamine rehab program is the first step toward a life free from addiction. However, planning for a lifetime of sobriety means taking steps to fight back against relapse. Some of these steps include the following:

• Dual diagnosis treatment
• Family therapy
• Behavioral therapy
• Holistic therapies
• Relapse prevention training

To learn how to detox from meth safely and effectively, head to a medically supervised detox program. With the right support and resources, you’ll be able to break free from addiction and enjoy the life of sobriety you deserve.